History of HILT, Hackney, Staines, Brixton, London

Reasons to Volunteer With HILT

One of the main reasons why people volunteered with HILT was to gain experience. Those who aspired to become qualified and certified carers would benefit a lot by taking part in caring for those who only needed little support.

Another reason why many people volunteer with HILT is to provide the greatly needed support to the paid staff. The volunteers provide services that are necessary for the caring scheme to function.  Although they cannot carry out many tasks as they are not as qualified as the paid staff.

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History of HILT, Hackney, Staines, Brixton, London

History of HILT

HILT was an organisation that provided those who wanted to help with volunteering jobs and those who needed help with assistance.

The volunteers that worked through HILT would help people with everyday tasks such as being active and meeting with friends and family. The volunteers would help those who couldn't carry out simple everyday tasks alone.

HILT worked as a supplier of volunteers and paid help, for those who could afford assistance, HILT would be able to find a qualified person who could meet their needs. For those who could not afford help at home, HILT would do their best to provide a volunteer to make their everyday struggles a bit easier.

"Being open-minded and interested in people is key to making a success of working or volunteering at Hilt" - Member of the HILT group

The group has two segregations, one of which was the training department and the other was called the 'Hilt Toolshed'. The main difference is that those who are working within the Tool Shed department work with people who have complex needs and therefore must go through more training that is required to care for the client.

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